13 Reasons Why SNL Isn’t As Funny As It Used To Be

People have been quipping that Saturday Night Live should actually be called Saturday Night Dead for years, but right now that criticism seems to be spot on. Here’s why:

1) They’ve Lost Their Courage


Back when it first aired in 1975, Saturday Night Live was known for its balls to the wall humour. With a line-up featuring some of the hottest up-and coming comedy talent – the likes of John Belushi, Eddie Murphy and Bill Murray were all cast members – throughout the 70’s and 80’s the show didn’t give a crap what anyone thought, and produced genuinely experimental and controversial sketches. These days, however, their willingness to do whatever the hell they want on live TV seems to have abated, replaced instead with a love of mediocre material that barely elicits a smile, let alone a snigger.