15 Reasons Why You Either Love or Hate Taylor Swift

We all have celebrities that we adore, and those that we just can’t stand, and of course everyone has different tastes, but every once in a while a celebrity comes along who is so polarizing that some of us just can’t figure out whether we love them or hate them! Taylor Swift is the prime example of this type of star. Check out 15 reasons why we either love or hate Taylor Swift, depending on what day of the week it is!

1- Hate Her Because She Is Suing Fans On Etsy


In the run up to the release of her album 1989, Taylor Swift went on an all out charm offensive, and it is her intimate fan interactions that are credited with making the album such a success! She baked cookies for fans, visited them at home, followed them on Tumblr, and hosted intimate fan performances. However, all of that has changed, and 15 of her fans faced legal action for handmade items sold on Etsy, which Taylor claimed were trademark violations. Items included handmade Taylor swift dolls, candles with song lyrics on them, and nail decals. We totally support copyright, but were these homemade crafts really a threat to Taylor’s empire?