19 Amazing Places To Wild Camp In The USA

The USA has some of the most amazing areas, exhibiting the grace and majesty of nature in ways that are seen in few other areas of the world. The diversity of America’s landscape is uncanny, giving us the opportunity and blessing of some of the top outdoor areas to choose from when wishing to experience the outdoors. Here are 19 amazing places to wild camp in the USA.

1. Porcupine Mountain State Park


The Porcupine Mountain State Park is the home of one of the oldest northern hardwood forests in North America, spanning over 31 acres. One is treated to one of the most diverse collections of flora and fauna in the USA, with Porcupine Mountain State Park providing facilities for backpacking, camping in a cabin, modern campgrounds, swimming and boating areas, as well as hosting numerous education programs. The area is also a mecca for skiers during the winter.