19 Saddest Plastic Surgery Fails Of All Time

Plastic surgery can be a useful medical procedure in cases like acid burn victims or for people who suffered tragic facial deformations. Unfortunately, plastic surgery has become an addictive trend for those who have the financial liberty and in many cases, it has resulted in serious defeat. Check out these folks who should have reconsidered going under the knife.


1. Michael Jackson


We bet you’re not very shocked by our first pick, but we thought we’d start off our list with a bang. Michael Jackson is the poster-child for plastic surgery. Although he spent most of his career trying to perfect his look, his first plastic surgery was to improve the look of his nose. This rather simple procedure launched him into a whirlwind of surgeries from Botox fillers, lip augmentation, cheek implants and of obviously, bleached skin. Jackson underwent near 100 surgeries to achieve his late look. Personally, we think the afro was pretty nice!