19 Shocking Oscars Makeup Malfunctions

The Oscar Awards are an annual event that celebrities from across the world use as a platform to flaunt their individuality. Year after year the red carpet is graced by some of the most innovative and unique creations from designers around the world, worn by our favorite film superstars. However each year that passes brings not only creations of beauty and elegance, but also oddities and failed makeup choices. Some stars seem to think this event is a platform for embarrassment, ok well maybe not but a few have gone horribly wrong! Here are 19 shocking Oscars makeup malfunctions that you had better make sure not to emulate!

1. Andra Day

Andra Day Oscars 2016

That shade of lipstick in combination with eyeliner that dark simply does not work. Andra Day did her best to try and make use of contrast, but failed horribly at the 2016 Oscar Awards. The darkness around her eyes does nothing but make them look deeply sunken into her head.