20 Best Celebrity #TBT Pictures

It is truly sweet that you’ll sift through your social media feeds and stumble upon a truly priceless throwback photo every Thursday. The pics are guaranteed to provide the perfect amount of entertainment whether its baby snaps or middle-school gems and a few moments of nostalgia too. We should be thankful that a bunch of MTV stars partake in the weekly tradition, and let’s just say some of their old-school images from this past year made us do a double take but always had us smiling from ear-to-ear. Let us take a look at some of our favorite celebrity and their #TBT photo.

1. Snooki


This photo was posted in Snooki’s personal website.

Nicole Polizzi as a toddler appears ready to take on the high seas in her fabulous nautical ensemble. Time will certainly tell if Baby Giovanna will look just like her mama which is something the Jersey gal pondered shortly after sharing this picture.