9 Stars Who Completely Disappeared From Hollywood

So many stars of stage and screen have just simply vanished after achieving success. This is merely a few of them.

1. Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple

Probably the most famous and successful child star ever Shirley began this illustrious career at the ripe of age of three in 1932. She achieved international acclaim the movie “Bright Eyes” one year later. For her outstanding performances during 1934 Shirley was awarded a Juvenile Academy Award. “Heidi” and “Curly Top” also starred Shirley and were box office smash hits. During her teens Shirley did not appear in many movies and then in 1950 she retired completely from stardom at the tender age of 22. Shirley had been Hollywood’s most successful draw card for four years consecutively from 1935 until 1938. Shirley chose the Diplomatic Service and achieved success in this career also, and even became the 18th United States Ambassador to Ghana.