Alec Baldwin Has Does It Again As Trump… And This Time In Russian!

Alec Baldwin has been doing a remarkable job, giving a very realistic satirical portrayal of Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live,” for some time now, long before anyone though Trump would even be a serious contender.


Even when the show took a year end break, he could not resist the urge to have a little more fun at Trump’s expense. Baldwin recently posted a picture of himself on his Instagram account sporting the now famous red cap, this one bearing the Trump campaign slogan “Make America Great Again. The only difference being that it was written in Cyrillic, the Russian alphabet.

According to US intelligence report, Russia was involved in hacking meant to target the recent US presidential campaign. Trump obviously downplayed Russia’s role after a briefing with top US intelligence officials. CNN Russian experts have said that Baldwin’s translation is imprecise, something I don’t think he is losing any sleep over. The first word means “Make,” the second is “America,” in Russian, the third word is “Fantastic” or “Great” and the last word is “Again,” they explained.

But the phrase contains improper grammar. Jill Dougherty, Former CNN Moscow bureau chief and CNN Contributor said this is not at all how Russians would write or say the phrase. She went on to say that she would not be surprised if Baldwin came up it by using Google Translate. “In fact, we just Google translated it, and it’s translated exactly like on the cap,” Dougherty said. Baldwin, star of “30 Rock” has not been quiet about the fact that he is not a Trump supporter.

In typical Trump style, the president elect tweeted in October that Baldwin’s “portrayal stinks” and that it’s “time to retire the boring and unfunny show.” Despite Trump’s protests, SNL fans are lapping up the brilliant impersonations that Baldwin has spent hours perfecting. No doubt the two will continue to bump heads on social media but then Trump seems to enjoy that. Baldwin did however offer to quit the impersonation if Trump released his tax returns.

So, I guess we will be seeing a lot more of Baldwin’s hilarious antics.