Amber Heard Suddenly Leaves Beverly Hills Gala Due To A ‘Serious Emergency’

On Friday 30-year-old actress Amber Heard was at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel attending the Unite4Humanity gala.


She was honoured with a humanitarian award for her accomplishments surrounding the American Civil Liberties Union which she works with. Before she was able to accept the award however the starlet abruptly left the event having left her friends – iO Tillet Writght, and model Cara Delevingne to go up and accept the award on her behalf.

“Amber Heard had to leave early due to an emergency. Her friends Cara Delevingne and iO Tillett Wright graciously accepted the award on her behalf. We know Amber would have loved to stay through the show and hope she is doing well.” This was all a source affiliated with the Gala team. E! reports that Wright did take a moment to shed some light on the situation as to why Heard left so quickly; “Our dear friend Amber, unfortunately, suffered a bit of an emergency earlier this evening and she had to go.”

“I’ve never seen Amber nervous and I’ve known her quite intimately for a long time,” she added. “She’s met pretty much everyone that you could be starstruck by. But Ayaan Hirsi Ali is as close to God as you could get for her, so to know that Ayaan was here and for her to have to leave means that it was a very serious emergency.”

Heard was commended on all the work she does with the ACLU which is a non-profit organisation which she donated $7 Million. The money was to support the effort to put and end to domestic violence against women. This was with the support of Children’s Hospital of Lost Angeles. This is in light of recent accusations about Johnny Depp abusing now Ex-wife heard; “[She] went through one of the most publicised divorces of last decade probably, and all of her ‘winnings’ from that divorce, as many would’ve called it … she donated to the ACLU,” Wright said.

Cara Delevingne added in; “She wants to thank everyone here tonight for their dedicated pursuit of justice and concentrated efforts for making this world a better place,” she said.