Armed Couple Decide To Rob A Child… Then They Meet The Family’s Pitbulls

A modern day Bonnie and Clyde got the fright of their life in a botched robbery attempt recently. The couple of would be thieves, broke into a house and demanded money from Mother Nayeli, who was home alone with her three-month-old baby.


Nayeli informed the couple that she had no money so the female member of the couple snatched the infant from a very frightened Nayeli. As this all happened, Nayeli was on the phone with husband Adolfo who could hear everything. He told reporters: “She fought with the lady, because she tried to go by the kitchen, and she held her by the shirt. Then the guy come back and hit her with a gun.”

The criminal couple got the fright of their lives when Nayeli and Adolofo’s two pit bulls decided to get involved. They had been outside unaware of that was going on but immediately reacted to the situation. The woman made a break for the back door, still clutching the baby but the dogs were having none of it. They aggressively snarled and growled at the woman, if you have ever seen an upset pit bull, you know how intimidating they can be.

The dogs refused to let the woman go past. She got such a fright and decided to run for the front door, away from the dogs. In the process, she threw the young baby back into its mother’s arms. The couple then left, having taken nothing. Mom and baby were both safe although Nayeli did have some bruising from being struck with the gun. The couple that broke in are still at large. I wonder if they learnt anything from this experience.

Pit bulls can be extremely aggressive when under threat and make excellent watch dogs, as this story proves. They are great around children but need to be well trained. The dogs were originally bred from fighting dogs and in the past were used for blood sports like bull baiting before the practice was banned many years ago. They are normally only aggressive towards other dogs but have a bit of a bad reputation for biting humans.

This is normally the result of poor breeding and no training. I am glad mom and baby are safe and shudder to think what might have happened had the dogs not saved the day.