Bikini Model Slaps Presenter On Live Screen For Touching Her Inappropriately

It’s rather sad that this is even a thing but it is and it’s wrong. Many people men and women sometimes like to take advantage, causing others to fall victims to that of sexual promiscuity.


In certain situations, one person can be in a position where they can attempt to take advantage of someone, it can be physical, or emotional, sometimes unwilling the victim can participate in a moment of confusion or weakness but none the less it is wrong, and it is abuse. In this case, brunette bombshell Rayssa Teixeiro Melo was made a victim, and even stood up for herself.

Rayssa, a model, lashed out at a lowlife presenter whose hands were wandering during a demonstration on how to apply sunscreen. The topic was how to avoid getting sunburnt, so for obvious sex appeal they brought bikini model Rayssa to be the test subject, the presenter then went on to apply the sunscreen but his hands always found their way to the same forbidden spot, her bum.

She lashed out at him, grabbing his wrist and reprimanding him saying; ‘No, that’s my bottom’ and then reminding him that it’s not on for him to be there saying in a rather sarcastic manner; ‘Do you know this part, the bum?’. It was obvious that the other presenters were uncomfortable. The presenter asked her permission to apply the sunscreen to her legs, reluctantly she agreed.

He chatted away but during that time his hands went back to where they were not allowed, as if he believed the talking would ease the journey and make her more accepting. Immediately Rayssa slapped the presenter and then went on to blast the presenter. She deflected his hands as they tried to touch her to reassure her, he didn’t do it with any wrong intentions, which we all know isn’t the truth.

Her rage grew and she began hitting the unnamed presenter, even throwing the tubes of sunscreen at him for good measure before labelling him a ‘clown’ and storming off the set. Rayssa’s made no mention of the incident on any of her social media accounts, or otherwise, but her fans have spoken out defending her and her actions. Never be silenced when you’re uncomfortable is what we’ve learnt from Rayssa.