‘Charmed’ Fans Prepare Yourself Because CW Is Rebooting The Series!

To the delight of the many Charmed fans out there, the popular, all powerful Charmed Ones will soon be back on our screens as the series is about to launch a reboot.


Details remain sketchy at this stage but we know for sure the good witches will soon be back and using their magical powers to vanquish evil wherever they find it. Reboots, revivals, prequels and sequels have become all the rage recently. Some have failed dismally while others have been a brilliant success. Charmed, I believe, we just begging for to offer a bit more magic and enchantment.

Although no official statements have been released by CW, we could expect the new shows as soon as this year. One detail we do know is that the reboot will be set in the year 1976. That will certainly make for some interesting costume choices and intriguing story lines. It has been labeled a “reimagining” of the series that ran from 1998 to 2006, a good eight seasons.

Fans will just have to wait and see how the new show, although set before the original, measures up. Amy Rardin and Jessica O’Toole, Jane the Virgin scribes and the shows original writers are behind the new series so I am sure they will work their own magic. Charmed has always had a rather feminist theme to it with its three female leads. Sisters, or in this case witches, are doing it for themselves.

CW intends to build on that and have brought on some hardcore feminist writers to spice up the new episodes. So expect some powerful sorcery from these no-nonsense woman. The original show was extremely well received and had a dedicated, almost cult-like following. Fans watched in awe as The Charmed Ones attempted to lead normal day-to-day lives in San Francisco and keep their magical powers a secret.

Together, the good witches would fight evil and protect the innocent, each one having their own unique powers of magic. Show reboots are always risky but given the success or the original storyline and the highly talented team of writers, I doubt the new charmed will have any difficulty creating magic again. They now have the opportunity of engaging a whole new audience while delighting their existing, diehard fans as well.