Chrissy Teigen Paid Off Aspiring Beautician’s Beauty School Tuition

Chrissy Teigen must be a fairy because she making dreams come true. Teigen recently made a woman from North Carolina’s dreams come true by paying off her tuition for beauty school.


Last month Mercedes Edney of Charlotte created a crowdfunding project to raise $5,995 for esthetician school. By Friday she’d raised $300 before Teigen swooped in and paid the rest. Edney found Ixora Botanical Beauty back in 2012, using her background in chemical engineering as well as her extensive knowledge of family traditions to create the perfect skincare products.

Edney wrote on her YouCaring funding page “I want to further my skin care knowledge by getting my license in esthetics but financial aid and scholarships weren’t available. I’ve seen this be your passion for such a long time now,” Teigen wrote in a note with her donation. “So excited to see you fulfil your dream!”

Teigen also took to social media to alert the world of her good deeds. Edney responded saying ‘THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!! @chrissyteigen I don’t even know how else to thank you right now.” Teigen went on to further respond; “@CruzanChoklate I’m really excited for you to live out your passion”


Edney tweeted saying that when she saw the massive amount of money she believed it to be a glitch before going on to mention her start up. “I’ve been struggling for so long. I put my everything into my business. I have sacrificed so much just trying to focus on my goal. And again in another tweet; “And I’m crying again. I haven’t even tweeted about everything. I’ve been in a perpetual state of holding my breath for like 2 years.

“I was so prepared to just keep struggling until I got my goals accomplished. This just helped me so much. Edney also stated that if she meets Teigen in person she will hug her as tight as possible to thank her. And she said that if she ever met Teigen, she’d give her “the biggest hug on earth.”. She said the following; “If I ever meet Chrissy Teigen in person, I’m giving her the biggest hug on earth.”