Christmas Spirit Is A Real Thing And That’s What A Customer Captured On Camera!

Some people have incredible dedication. While many of us moan about how lazy and disinterested younger people are these days, particularly in the workplace, some guys just shatter that perception.


 Meet Jakeem Tyler, an 18-year-old employee at a Chick-fil-A in Avon, Ind. He was recently spotted by customer, Cameron Nelson , hard at work with his arm in a sling and a neck brace. When Nelson asked why he was still working in that condition, the inspiring Tyler told the customer that he needed to earn money as he has to purchase Christmas present as well as feed the homeless over the holidays.

Nelson shared a photo of the young man on Facebook and it went viral. This is the post Nelson put on Facebook: “I stopped at Chick-fil-A & decided to go in cause the drive-thru was too long, and I saw this young man working with a neck brace & a sling. We sneeze too hard & decide to call in, but he’s working like nothing’s wrong. When I placed my order…”

“…I asked him what happened… he said he was involved in a car accident, but he was working cause he needs the money & also wants to feed the homeless for Christmas & needs the cash… maybe I was supposed to go in there. I think I may kick down a hundred or two on payday to help him out… he’s definitely doin it for a great cause & I was amazed he’s still working despite his condition.”

Inspired by this amazing spirit, Nelson created a GoFundMe page for Tyler’s cause and it has already far exceeded the original goal of $2,500. Management of The Avon Chick-fil-A are equally impressed and inspired and released this statement: “Jakeem is a phenomenal young man and an outstanding team member. He is an inspiration both in terms of his work ethic and commitment to serving others.

Although he was in a car accident recently, he returned to work after being cleared by his doctor and with the support of his family so he could not only serve alongside his team in the restaurant but also earn money to give back to others. We are beyond proud of Jakeem and support his efforts to serve the homeless in our community. In regards to the money being donated on his behalf: Jakeem is grateful for the support of the community. How he decides to utilize the money is up to Jakeem and his parents.”

Another inspiring and heart-warming Christmas story. Well done Jakeem.