Dad Spends 17 Years In Prison For A Crime His Lookalike Committed

‘I don’t believe in luck, I believe I was blessed,’ these are the words of a man recently released from prison after serving seventeen years for a crime he did not commit based on the fact that no one could tell the difference between him and his lookalike.

Richard Anthony Jones of Kansas City was convicted of armed robbery in 1999 purely on an eyewitness account, with no physical, DNA or fingerprint evidence submitted as proof of the crime. During his incarceration, Jones had appealed his conviction several times to no avail. A break came when about two years ago he heard about another man in prison who looked just like him and uncannily even shared his first name of Richard.

Sensing that this could be a chance to prove his innocence, he contacted the Midwest Innocent Project, a non-profit organization which provides legal assistance to those who have been wrongly convicted. An attorney working on Jones case could not believe how much the two men looked alike. Jones received a new trial and once again stated his alibi that he was with his girlfriend and her family at the time of the robbery.

Richard Jones’s attorneys argued that the line-up of men the police had put forward to the victims 17 years ago was ‘highly suggestive’ because he was the only one who resembled the criminal that they had described. At the trial, the victims of the robbery also confirmed they were no longer sure which of the men had committed the crime. Jones lookalike ‘Ricky’ took the stand and denied committing the crime.

The judge on the case overturned the conviction ordering Richard Jones release, stating that there was no physical, DNA or fingerprint evidence that tied him to the crime. What’s more, Jones lived on the other side of Kansas while his lookalike lived in the same area the incident occurred. Despite his plea, the doppelganger was convicted of the crime and remanded back into custody. Richard Anthony Jones was now a free man and allowed to re-join his family.

In a statement after his release, Richard said: “When it comes to my kids, it’s been a rough ride, but they are now at an age where they can understand.”