‘Deadpool 2’ Teaser Secretly Debuts Before ‘Logan’ Creating Buzz Among Fans

On February 8th, in 2016, Deadpool was released to very positive reviews and a lot of hype to match. Ryan Reynolds, who plays the title role, had been pushing for the film for a long time.


Originally meant to be his solo film, which was in development since 2000, Deadpool was one of the characters featured in the critical flop, X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009. It was since then that Reynolds pushed for a solo outing with an R rating to truly showcase Deadpool’s character. It took leaked test footage to generate enough interest in the project to get a release date.

So now, after its release, it went on to gross $783.1 Million. It is no surprise that one of the most popular superhero movies is getting a sequel. Reynolds has expressed his desire to do a Wolverine/Deadpool crossover movie with Hugh Jackman. We’re not sure that will ever happen with Jackman shaving his Wolverine sideburns for the last time. Still, fans got excited at the idea. It didn’t help that Ryan Reynolds recently released a Deadpool 2 teaser, to be played before Logan.

With the internet, we got to see this teaser even without having to see Jackman’s final Wolverine outing. The teaser starts off with Reynolds walking the streets and then seeing a man being mugged, he then runs to a phone booth to change into his super suit, this is making fun of earlier Clark Kent/Superman. Of course, this takes him forever to do as he has to completely disrobe, then proceed to put on his tight one piece super suit which we can imagine isn’t easy.

By the time he’s fully dressed the man has already been shot and killed, and the mugger was already far gone. Other teasers included Stan Lee making a cameo as usual. Lee comments on Deadpool’s suit in which Deadpool responds in his usual fourth-wall-breaking way saying ‘zip is Stan Lee!’. Another teaser was Logan playing at the cinema behind him, and ‘Nathan Summers coming soon’. Nathan Summers or as we may know him better as Cable will be featured in Deadpool 2!

This film is already building hype for its 2018 release, and when I say building hype I just mean they’re adding on to it!