Does This Terrifying Tale Prove That Vampires Really Exist?

We are all familiar with Twilight, but could Edward Cullen actually be real? This story will certainly make you question it!


On May 4, 1932, Lilly Lindeström was brutally murdered in Stockholm’s Atlas neighborhood. Lilly was known to have been a prostitute and all the fingers of blame seemed to point at one of her clients.


On that fateful day, 32-year-old Lilly reportedly paid a visit to a neighbor named Minnie, naked, except for a long coat, to request some condoms. Minnie would be the last person to see Lilly alive.


Minnie soon realized that Lilly had not resurfaced after that night, so she went around to her apartment to enquire after her. What she found has left investigators scratching their heads for decades…