Eminem And Justin Timberlake Raised Nearly £2 Million To Help Manchester Victims

International rap star Eminem has helped raise £2 million in donations for the Manchester terror attack victims through the JustGiving web page which has been set up to help the families of the 22 people killed and the injured.

In a rare Tweet Eminem who has 20 million followers asked that people join in helping the Manchester victims and families by making a donation. Eminem who pledged an undisclosed donation was thanked for his efforts by the Manchester City Council. Thousands of Eminem fans have posted screenshots of their donations which has helped the fund to reach the 2 million target.

Justin Timberlake also reached out to his millions of fans asking them to join in and donate to help victims and families of the vicious attack. The tragedy occurred when a suicide bomber detonated a bomb at the exit to the Arena as fans were leaving a concert performed by Ariana Grande, she had just finished the set when the bomb went off.

Many of the dead and injured were teenagers and children, in light of the horrifying events the 23 year old star cancelled the rest of the tour promising to return for a tribute concert. Fundraising appeals have been popping up everywhere as the devastation in the wake of the tragedy has been made public.

Stories such as the one of Chris Parker the homeless man who held a woman in his arms until she succumbed to her wounds, dying in his arms have brought people together in displays of kindness and selfless giving in the wake of the disaster. British actor Tom Hardy also set up a fund to raise money for the British Red Cross to support the victims and families, so far raising 34 thousand pounds.

The actor urged fans to donate as a gesture of goodwill and love following the atrocity, calling the attack cruel, cowardly and barbaric. The page quotes Tom as saying ‘I am hoping to raise money for The British Red Cross Society because the families and children will need support.’