Guy Continues To Mow His Lawn Despite Massive Tornado Behind Him!

When Cecilia Wessel’s took a picture of her husband mowing the lawn with a tornado in the background, she had no idea of the internet “storm” she had created.

The story of the picture taken by Cecilia starts on Friday when she was awoken from a nap by her daughter who was concerned that her father would not come inside despite ominous clouds in the distance. Cecilia went to the yard and asked her husband Theunis Wessel’s to come inside to which he calmly replied “no”, going on to say he was keeping an eye on it.

Theunis later said that the Tornado was much further away than it appeared in the photograph and by the time of the picture was actually moving away from them. Surprised by all the fuss over the photograph Cecilia said that she took the picture to show her mom and dad in South Africa.

Twitter came alive with jokes about the man mowing his lawn more concerned about the condition of the backyard than personal safety.

  • ‘Nothing stops a Canadian from mowing his lawn,’
  • ‘I strive to be this level of unbothered’.
  • ‘When the going gets tough the tough get mowing’ are a few of the funny Tweets.

The tornado touched down near the town of Three Hills, in Alberta, there were no reports of injuries or deaths, although some property was damaged as a result. Matt Suter of Missouri holds the record for the longest known distance traveled by anyone picked up by a tornado and survive. In March 2006 he was carried 398 m.

A few examples of the devastation which Tornados can cause:

  • On April 26, 1989, in Bangladesh, a massive tornado took at least 1,300 lives.
  • The Tri-State Tornado of March 18, 1925, killed 695 people in Missouri (11), Illinois (613), and Indiana (71).
  • The outbreak it occurred with was also the deadliest known tornado outbreak, with a combined death toll of 747 across the Mississippi River Valley
  • The Joplin tornado of May 2011 is considered the costliest tornado in recent history, with damage totals near $2.8 billion.