Hero Woman Saved Police Officer From A Brutal Beatdown

A Louisiana woman is being hailed as a hero by authorities who said she “made a big difference” on Sunday when she went the aid of a police officer that was being savagely attacked.


The lady in question, 56-year-old Vickie Williams-Tillman jumped on a suspect’s back to protect the police officer from violent assault. According to reporters, Williams-Tillman was listening to gospel music on her car radio as she drove to a store. On the way, she happened to notice the suspect and a Baton Rouge officer.

Spokesman for the Baton Rouge police, Sgt. L’Jean McKneely, reported that the suspect managed to get hold of the officer’s baton and proceeded to beat him on the head with his own baton. The suspect also attempted to snatch the officer’s gun. “I could see in his eyes he needed help,” Williams-Tillman told reporters. “You don’t have time to think about it … I did what God needed me to do.”

These are courageous efforts by the lady as most people simply look on in horror or simply look away. Brave woman.
The incident started when the police officer noticed the 28-year-old Thomas Bennett passed out in his vehicle, surrounded by drug paraphernalia in plain sight. This occurred at about 8 a.m. When Bennett got out of the vehicle he became hostile and aggressive and that is when the fracas began.

Without hesitating, Williams-Tillman jumped on the attackers back. Fortunately, police backup arrived on the scene and were able to apprehend the suspect after administering a stun gun shot. The identity of the 44-year-old officer is not known. Mayor-President of Baton Rouge, Sharon Weston-Broome, praised the woman as a courageous hero.

“Vickie Williams-Tillman epitomizes the true Good Samaritan,” Weston-Broome said. “She reached out and offered a courageous and unconditional response to the officer. Ms. Williams-Tillman is a hero and demonstrates the true meaning of loving God and loving your neighbor.” The humble Williams-Tillman said she didn’t think twice about assisting the officer. “It was something that went through my soul,” she said. “You don’t think about the risk.”

Bennett was arrested multiple charges related to the attack as well as the drug possession. The officer and the Good Samaritan suffered only minor injuries but it could have been a lot worse.