Homeless Hero Who Helped Victims Of Manchester Bombing Gets A Wonderful Surprise

Chris Parker a homeless man was begging near the foyer of the Manchester Arena when the unspeakable happened.

A suicide bomb set off on the night of an Ariana Grande concert left 22 innocent victims dead with scores more injured. Chris was knocked to the ground following the blast and after recovering from the initial shock, rushed to the aid of the injured. Chris helped a young girl who had become separated from her parents and losing both her legs.

Holding a badly injured woman in her 60’s in his arms until she succumbed to her wounds and died in his arms.
His efforts did not go unnoticed and Chris is being hailed as hero in the Media. Chris’s mum Jessica Parker who lives in Norfolk was following events on television when she saw reports of the homeless man who rushed the aid of the victims was shocked to find the man was her son and was homeless.

Jessica hadn’t seen or heard from her son Chris in five years and after hearing what he had done on that tragic evening, she reached out to reconnect with her son. Meeting up at a hotel in the area, the reunion was very emotional with Chris giving his mother a big hug and saying how glad he was that she was there.


After the meeting Chris and his mum walked together to St Ann’s Square where thousands of flowers and cards have been left. Jessica is planning to stay in touch with Chris and is planning a return visit in the near future, as any mother would do Jessica would like to feed, clothe and clean Chris up but realises he is a grown man and can look after himself.

Michael Johns a man who set up a fundraising page for Chris on GoFundMe has seen donations pour in, raising over 50,000 pounds to date. Chris is quoted as saying “Thank you very much, I’m not a hero at all… I would do it again quite happily. My heart goes out to them families. What I saw that night, I hope nobody ever, ever, ever experiences that ever. All I need to say is thank you very much.”