How One Friend Request Changed This Woman’s Life Will Leave You Speechless

Raised by her grandparents Penelope Thrower never knew who her parents were and she thought she never would. After her mother killed herself Vera and John Williams began taking care of Penelope when she was just a toddler.


As time passed her parents were shrouded in mystery and she thought she’d never find out who her father was. One day however she received a facebook friend request from a man in his late fifties called Tony Peacock. Penelope when talking to Gazette Live she said; “One day, I was in the back of a friend’s car on my way to work when he just added me on Facebook from nowhere.

He sent me a message saying, ‘I’m your dad’. I sat there and cried my eyes out. I didn’t know if I was happy, angry or what. Not a clue. He rang me and my grandma and grandad said they would support me in whatever I wanted to do.” Thrower is now 27 and has a son who’s one-and-a-half-years-old, Meynell and Penelope live in Lazenby Redcar. The decision to meet her father wasn’t a tough choice to make Thrower recalled; “My mum killed herself when I was 22 months old,” she added.


“I was brought up by my grandparents and I always grew up thinking nobody knew who my dad was. I just didn’t think I would ever find out who he was. There was a lot of ‘hearsay’ but never anything solid.” Her father told Penelope that the reason he never made an effort to see her was to avoid upsetting family members after her mother’s death.

“I followed her growing up over the years. But I didn’t want to cause any trouble. I kept photos of her. Her mum’s friends got them for me. Finally, I sent her a friend request and ‘liked’ one of her pictures. She asked me, ‘Are you, my dad?’ That was how it happened.”


Penelope met her father at a local pub where his bad were playing; “I had so many questions but all really wanted was to meet him. I was terrified. I must have stood outside that pub for half an hour, full of nerves feeling sick and wondering whether just to leave it. I went in and in that pub was the kindest, generous and caring man I have ever known. I have never ever looked back and can say with absolute certainty that my decision to meet my dad was the best I have ever made.”

Penny lost her grandparents a few years later dying in 2013. On her death bed, her grandmother said; “’I’m so glad you met your dad, you’ll never be alone.”