Is Camila Cabello Busy With Pitbull And J Balvin? Look What We Caught!

Following the heart-breaking split from Fifth Harmony, Camila Cabello has in no way been idle at all.


She has just released her single with Cashmere Cat earlier this week and is not only moving onto her next single but is indicating that it will be featuring some of the best artists Miami has to offer. ( You could even say some of the best the world has to offer, as Pitbull went from being “Mr.305” to “Mr.Worldwide” quite some time before Fifth Harmony were even a twinkle in someone’s eye).

It is rumoured that she intends to collaborate with J Balvin, a extremely popular Colombian Popstar, and of course the main man himself Pitbull. Though it is unsure what exactly the three are up to, it is evident that the threesome are ready for take off into a whole new and improved direction.

Camila Cabello shared two unique photos on her Instagram profile that are only suggesting that there are great things coming our way! The one featured, the pop singer with a beautiful big Cuban flag, whilst posing next to a car that imposed so much authenticity.


It was captioned with a simple “vroom vroom’ whilst the other photo displays her with Pitbull and J Balvin getting quite cosy and posing her the camera quite happily, with the simple caption “Pa mi gente latina stand up” meaning her nation’s people, Latinos must stand up together. Such as the three artists are doing.

She has been reported to be shooting a music video with Balvin and Pitbull in the holy grail of Miami, with some leaked footage of the music video set, showing Camila in the same beautifully ruffled, collared top she was wearing in the friendly photo of the threesome she posted on Instagram. It only makes you wonder if the photo itself was not from the set.


Whatever it is they are brewing secretly, they must reveal it soon for all those waiting ever so impatiently for something as new and vibrant as this seems to be.