It’s Official Then. Jennifer Lopez And Drake May Have Confirmed Their Relationship

It would seem love is in the air as both Jennifer Lopez and Drake post the same lovey picture of themselves cuddling together on their respective official Instagram accounts in the wee hours of Wednesday morning.


There was no official comment or statement from either of them but then they do say a picture is worth a thousand words and fans have taken it as confirmation of the relationship. Drake’s recent ex-girlfriend Rihanna will not be seeing the picture, well not first hand at least, after the news that she unfollowed Lopez this weekend.

Lopez, the 47-year-old mother of two posted the picture first showing the new, much younger man in her life with both arms embracing her as he looked down at the camera with one eye. The rumors have been circulating for some time now and were only fuelled after Drake was seen at JLo concerts two nights in a row. He then hosted an exclusive get together that Jlo attended.


Rihanna, Drake’s ex, meanwhile flew back to her homeland in Barbados on Friday. According to reports, she unfollowed former best friend Lopez on Instagram. This was spotted by a sharp eyed fan and news quickly spread. The romance could not have been that much of a secret really as Lopez posted a picture of the two of them together after one of her shows: “Look who rolled up to my show tonight to say hi!!,” adding the hashtags #love him #jlovegas and #ALLIHAVE.” Sweet.

It was not that long ago that Drake, 30 was declaring his undying love for 28-year-old Rihanna at the MTV Music Awards. As usual, there was an unnamed source to share some juicy gossip. “Jen and Drake have tried to keep their romance under wraps by suggesting they are just working together, but the truth is they are an item.”The source shared, adding “They have been seeing each other for a number of weeks and her friends are saying she is already smitten. The age gap doesn’t bother them. They have fun together and that’s all that matters.”

Never a dull moment in the lives of the rich and famous.