John Cena Finally Proposes To His Girlfriend Nikki Bella In Front Of 70,000 Fans!

Pro wrestler John Cena got fans roaring at WrestleMania 33 this past Sunday. This time however it wasn’t for a legendary smackdown that the fans were cheering for but instead the wedding bells that echoed throughout the arena.


Cena took to the ring, got down on one knee and proposed to longtime girlfriend Nikki Bella. He showed her the world his love in person and on T.V. They were both competing together in a tag team match with real life married couple Miz and Maryse. Once they won he began giving a moving and powerful speech.

‘This is what you wanted over a year ago. You broke your neck and did everything you could to come back because you wanted a WrestleMania moment. I’m so very proud of you. Right before your surgery, there would be a time when you would be a little loopy and I could ask you anything I wanted. If you gave me an honest answer, you wouldn’t remember what you said. After a year and a half, you asked me all the time. I promised I would tell you when the time is right. The time is right.’


He said: ‘You were kinda glassy, in and out. At the last moment, I said, “Can you hear me?” You said, “Yes.” I said, “I only have one question.” You said, “What is it? Do you know one day I’m going to marry you? And you said, “Yes.” I just need you to say yes one more time.’ 39-year-old Cena produced the ring box falling to one knee ‘I’ve been waiting so long to ask you this. Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace, will you marry me?’ Bella responded with a kiss.


The two have been dating since 2012, after divorcing previous wife Elizabeth Huberdeau. Although reluctant to get married again he knows now she’s worth the risk. Prior to the engagement Belle opened up about the possibilities of marriage even being asked directly if she believes they ever will, ‘I mean, I think so. The past year he’s actually talked about that he’s open to marriage, so of course like my hopes go way through the roof. So, he’s like “Oh, let’s go have this romantic dinner, and I’m like. This is it, and I feel every moment I’m waiting for it. It’s like, it’s been my birthday, it’s been an anniversary, holidays.’


We’re just happy these two have finally decided to take the chance on marriage.