Kate McCann Has Threatened To Sue Social Media Users

“I would like to remind those who are sharing Kate’s book online, you are violating copyright law.” Kate’s publisher has notified Facebook and other social media networks of the links and people engaging in this illegal activity.


Kate McCann mother of missing girl Maddie took to social media to threaten people posting extracts of her book on social media. She has warned everyone of the consequences that will follow if you violate the copyright law.

“You risk having your Facebook account terminated and could face prosecution brought by the publisher. Downloading and sharing copyrighted material is illegal. If you see Kate’s book posted online out of the normal ways to purchase an e-book, please let us know. We will notify Kate’s publisher and they will have the links removed and determine if the person posting should be prosecuted.”

Kate and Gerry McCann in Hamburg

McCann has also attempted to make it clear that she’s not using this tragedy as a way to make money. After the tragic disappearance of Maddie who was abducted in Portugal in 2007, her parents have spent the last ten years trying to find their daughter to no success. “For those posting that we are trying to make money, you are absolutely wrong,” she said. The couple has always faced this level of scrutiny as many people have said that Maddie’s parents are the culprits behind her disappearance.

Moita Flores, a Portuguese crime expert even said; “Maddie died in that apartment, I have no doubt.” This bold comment was made about the night in question when Maddie went missing. “He further went on to say after assessing the location, and evidence that it would have been impossible to get through a window with a child.”

Girl missing in Algarve

The McCanns spokesperson’s constantly defended them in front of the press and social media and has denied these allegations saying there’s no proof. “This person [Flores] is presenting himself as a criminal expert and is regurgitating claims made by Mr Amaral; he is repeating all the old assertions it seems for shock value.” We wonder how long until we know what actually happened to this small girl.