Little Boy Finds Nasty Surprise In A Bag Of Sweets From A Lidl Store

Who doesn’t love surprises? Well it depends on the surprise and Claire MacPherson was definitely surprised but the results are not very cheerful.

Claire and Aaron her four-year-old son were about to enjoy a packet of gummy sweets. His grandmother bought the sweets from Lidl store, and inside the packet was a surprise for sure, a dead bat. Yes, a dead bat. The 36-year-old mother of two said that she got home and they were opening the sweets to enjoy them. Unfortunately, she was disgusted to find a little bat stuck in the sweets.

She further went on to mention how many diseases this could have caused. Claire went on to say that her 14-month-old baby doesn’t look before eating and she could have just eaten the dead creature and contracted serious diseases. She has stated she will not return to the store.

“My mum was up all night being sick just at the thought of it and my son still seems in shock.” The Stobswell situated Claire went on to explain how her son Aaron was staying with Francis, his grandmother, before opening the sweets.

The store has commented saying: “We were very sorry to hear of this matter. Lidl prides itself in offering customers high-quality products at low price and we take feedback of this nature very seriously. We can confirm that immediate contact was made with the customer on Friday 2nd June, to request further information and provide assurances that details would be passed straight onto our Quality Assurance Department to investigate.”

It’s hard to be all that angry at Lidl who last year took a major step further by agreeing to pay the new Living Wage Foundation Rate. They’re an Accredited Living Wage Employer meaning they pay a minimum of £8.53 per hour, raised to £9.75 per hour for those who live in London. The Independent reported that the board director and general Lidl legend, Nan Gibson, stated last year that the company recognises their employees as assets.

He knows of all the contributions they make and he feels it’s important to celebrate their achievements together. He went on to say how proud it makes him know Lidl colleagues are among the few best paid in the supermarket sector. He said finally in regards to the pay increase: “It’s absolutely deserved for the commitment and value they bring to the company every day.”

Can’t really stay mad at them, can we?