Logan Is A Box Office Blockbuster, It’s Opening Weekend Broke Records Worldwide

Logan was a risky film, 20th Century Fox new that going in. To take a beloved comic book character and give him an R-Rated film and giving the director final cut say, is a huge gamble.


But, it just so happens that gamble paid off. Hugh Jackman’s final Wolverine appearance has opened to a monster worldwide opening weekend total of $237.8 Million! $85,3 Million domestically and $152,5 Million worldwide for the total of $237,8 Million. Logan is also a much needed critical win for the Wolverine Solo franchise which has struggled in the past.

X-Men Origins Wolverine achieved 38% and its sequel – The Wolverine – receiving 69% on the review platform. Logan is a major win for everyone involved! The film is a huge critical success at 93% on Rotten tomatoes with a 221 of the 239 reviews positive with an average rating of 7.8/10. Logan was branded as a darker take on the source material in comparison to previous x-men films.

Hugh Jackman stated that he wanted to make the most of his final outing as the Wolverine. The success of Logan so early in the game is prompting many to believe that more comic book films should take Logan’s approach which is darker but still entertaining and fun to watch. We’re pretty sure it will follow in Deadpool’s footsteps and then it will most likely exceed expectations.

The film had a budget of only $97 million, the film broke records as well. The film became the highest opening for an R-Rated film, displacing 300, it also has the second-highest-grossing global premier for IMAX theaters with a healthy $20.6 million in that formal alone. It should be noted that the films financial success was aided by Hugh Jackman’s high-profile departure from the X-Men world.

This film like Deadpool has opened many doors for filmmakers and comic book adaptations showing that sometimes it’s better to give a little freedom to creative forces behind projects. This movie has been labeled a real tour de force of emotion, reaching new heights that are a rare thing in superhero movies. Logan will most likely enjoy a long and profitable run in theaters.