Man Can’t Believe The Cost Of His Watch He Bought In 1960!

Reality TV is never real, it’s vastly scripted. TV shows like all the second-hand shows, like Antiques Roadshow and Cash in the Attic, have given false hope to many people of how anything they own may be worth a lot of money even when it’s so clearly not.


However, sometimes you do get lucky, and you stumble upon something truly valuable. Take this guy who went and bought himself something that became worth so much more than he bargained for. This anonymous man purchased a 1960 GMT Master Model Rolex, for $120.35 (around $894 in today’s money). This was back in the 60s whilst being stationed in Germany.

The man was informed by his sergeant that Rolex watches were the best watches you could ever get, that they were the superior watches. Being a military man he did as his sergeant said by purchasing the GMT Master Model Rolex. So now, way into the future, he brought his Rolex watch to the Antique Roadshow to get it appraised. He believed the watch would only be valued at $1500.

He gave a brief history on the watch saying that at the time, the watch wasn’t cheap, costing him a little over a month’s salary. Well, this man was shocked when the antique expert tells him that the watch is worth around $65,000 to $75,000. This man managed to hold onto the original paperwork, the receipt – although I think it’s too late for returns- and even the original box and bracelet.

This helped add onto to the value of the watch. However, we’re sure that even without it, he’d still have had a watch worth a lot more than he thought it would, due to how rare it is! This is a story to make you realize that not everything you find will be worth millions but you never know until you try. This man has no idea that the watch would end up being worth as much as it was and we’re sure he was over the moon when he found out just how much it was worth, who knows you could be next!