Man Tries To Go Viral By Naming His Child ‘Fidgit Spinner’

Over the years many things experience a momentary popularity. These trends are sometimes things that have the ability to shape our generation.

It’s the same with music, movies and other pop-cultures that have been responsible for defining a generation. Right now the talk of the world is Fidget Spinners and someone decided to name their child Fidget Spinner. A man posted on Facebook saying how he just got a random call and was told a girl he’d slept with was having his baby at that very moment. He was a little shocked but he ran right over.

She asked him to sign the birth certificate as the father, his condition was that he wanted to name the child. So he ‘allegedly’ named the baby ‘Fidgit Spinner’ not ever spelt right if we could point that out. He went through a lot of effort to fake a birth certificate. He went on to say how he chose a name that was one of a kind and for a good reason.

The response was very negative as one would assume but he responded in mentioning celebrities with names that are also silly. He mention Orlando Bloom saying he’s named after a ‘shitty city in Florida’, Paris Hilton named after the ‘hotel her parents had sex in’. People obviously aren’t realising that this is a very dedicated joke. The backlash has been immense but no one is genuinely this idiotic to name their child ‘fidgit spinner’.

A nurse went and decided to comment; “I don’t know how you think this is real! You can’t get the birth certificate from the hospital when the baby is born. You sign it and they send it to the county and you have to go pick it up from the court recording department. The county/city isn’t listed below like it should be. Plus it’s printed in black ink instead of blue. This isn’t real. If anyone has ever had to go get a birth certificate it takes about a month or so and you have to go and pick it up. This is dated as the birth was today, so no way it could have also been picked up today. Great gag though.”

Everyone wants to be a star online… it’s becoming a problem.