Meanwhile Somewhere In France A Man Caught Hiding Naked On The Roof!

In France, you see many things you’re maybe not accustomed to. They’ve got some breathtaking monuments and the occasional man who’s stark naked in broad daylight.


Naphtal Ngatalie filmed the entire incident and the man was clearly a little too preoccupied to care. The video shows this guy who’s as we said stark naked, on the seventh floor fearing for his life. The video’s been shared across multiple platforms and has been viewed more than 1.4 million times. This poor man it the butt of many jokes.

The man who uploaded the video Naphtal Ngatalie posted this with the clip; “Who sent you there my brother? He’s seriously in trouble. You risk your life for someone’s wife? It’s dead stupid huh?” (Translated from French). The thing is no one truly knows why he’s out on the roof of a seven-story building, there’s a wide variety of things he could have been doing that landed him in this situation.

Maybe he saw an injured creature, or his signal was acting up and he went to fix it. He could have even wanted to tan without the tan lines, although the sun wasn’t especially bright on this particular day. He could have even been avoiding an intruder, or his mistress’s’ husband. We’ll never really know why he was on the roof, but we can have fun trying to imagine why.

I do think it was unfair to make this guy so famous on the internet because even though we don’t recognise him doesn’t mean his friends and family won’t either. The issue with the internet is that it takes seconds to share something and seconds for the world to have seen it on their feeds.

The internet does many great things like connecting us even if we’re halfway across the world, it helps with banking, shopping, education etc. There are however many benefits and this is one of them, sharing something that he was probably hoping wouldn’t be exposed. This man is possibly embarrassed now by his face splashed all over the media. It’s funny sure, but did you think about the repercussions?