Michael Phelps Celebrates His Son’s First Birthday Like A Boss!

It is no great surprise that Olympic gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelps and his wife Nicole Johnson threw an elaborate and extravagant first birthday party for their young son for his first birthday.


The nautical theme was rather fitting which included loads of under the sea decorations and a giant shark, nautical themed birthday cake. The party was called “Boomer’s First Shark Attack” and was attended by those closest to the family.

As is normal with most celebrities, there were plenty of photographs of the celebration posted to Instagram. Mom, Dad and little Boomer posed for a family photo at the party which Phelps captioned: “First bday party for @boomerrphelps !!! What an amazing birthday cake!!!@heartsweetcakes”

It was not that long ago that baby Boomer captured the hearts of viewers worldwide when he cheered his father on at the 2016 Rio Olympics where he maintained his amazing title as the most decorated Olympian of all time. Not only were the public taken by the young man but Hollywood queued up to get shots of Boomer with such stars as Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Fallon and numerous others.


His father better watch out, if he doing this at age one, he could soon become more popular than dad. Proud mom, Nicole Johnson, took to Instagram to share a few of her young sons early achievements since being born in 2016. “Turning 1 tomorrow and some of his milestones include,” Nicole wrote, “On and off his cars, in and out of his wagon, climbing on everything but also turning around to get down, drinking from his own cup, making a drum out of anything, clapping when he hears an audience clap, and so much more… Happy Early Birthday to the most special gift we could have ever asked for.”

So the celebrity status has rubbed off on young Boomer at the tender age of one. I am sure he has a stellar future ahead of him and we wonder if he will be racking up the gold medals like his father. For now, he seems to be doing well enough with celebrity photo opportunities.