Mom Grieving Her Baby’s Loss Sees A Secret Message In A Christmas Photo

It has taken two years for the touching story behind a viral proposal video to come out and what a sad yet uplifting story it is. The video itself was a very creative proposal by Tyne Owen.


You might remember the video which was all over the internet and social media back in 2014. In the video we see the entire family decked out in their Christmas gear getting ready to pose for a family holiday photo. Each member of the family has a bold letter on their shirt to spell out Merry Xmas, or so Jamie, Owens unsuspecting girlfriend thought.

In a bit of clever choreography, while Jamie got ready to say cheese, the family switched positions to capture and entirely different set of words altogether. In 2013, Tyne Owen turned a traditional holiday photo with his family into a surprise his girlfriend Jamie never saw coming.

What the message actually read, was a marriage proposal to Jamie. The video was shared far and wide but at the time, nobody was aware of the tragic story leading up to the proposal. Now, 2 years done the line, the family have shared more details with us.

 Only two months before the clever video was made, the couple lost the baby Jamie was carrying at 20 weeks. The unborn baby died in her womb. This was due to an autoimmune disorder called antiphospholipid syndrome, something Jamie was not even aware she had.

The condition resulted in a blood clot developing in her placenta which resulted in the growing baby not receiving any nourishment from the mother, ultimately leading to her death. While the couple mourned the loss of their unborn child, Tyne started plotting his dramatic surprise.

An ecstatic Jamie loved the unexpected message the happy family’s shirts spelled out and excitedly accepted. The couple could put the past behind them and move on together as a married team. They were soon married and rather than receive gifts, Tyne and Jamie asked people to rather donate to Pregnancy Loss Australia.

This gesture saw the worthy cause receiving over $5,000. Soon Jamie fell pregnant again and was understandable very concerned and anxious. In happy news, a healthy baby Lenni was born in September 2015. Speaking to Daily Mail, Jamie told reporters: “We are stronger for that and I cannot wait to show Lenni how her dad proposed to me when she is older…” I just love a happy ending.