Mum Teaches Son A Lesson After He Openly Swears On Phone

We were all young once and tried really hard to get a rise out of our parents a time or two. Chances are, we succeeded and wished we hadn’t a few times.


By the time our parents would get riled up, it was pretty difficult to talk the back down and wiggle your way out of the bad situation. One person recently figured out the hard way not to challenge his mom and push her to her breaking point.

He worked his hardest in a well-conceived plan to agitate his mom that started out by asking her if hell was a bad word. The teenager named Tralenn decided to use the word “hell” to see just how far he could push his mother and started using hell in the way that she specifically told him was wrong.


What the hell was he up to? Whatever it was, he didn’t stop at just once. In fact, every text he sent after that had the word hell in it no matter what she replied.


Tralenn just kept on saying it and she continued warning him about the consequences of his behavior. He didn’t believe that she would follow through with her threats though.


Stuff started to get real when she sent him a picture of his school’s doors. And then the hallway while telling him that “hell about to raise in your classroom boy.”


Tralenn started backing down then and telling her it was just a joke. And then his scared face when she barged in during his class.


Then she threw the word back at him and asked him “Hell you look scared for?” The look on his face was seriously comical and complete disbelief.


I’d bet Tralenn just learned the hard way through embarrassment and probably a good beating that pushing his mom was not the best idea to have. Hell, his classmates probably learned a lesson just by watching his momma smack him down. He’ll probably be the world’s most polite kid for a long time now. That’s how you parent!