Pop Icon, Janet Jackson, Delivers Her First Baby And It’s A Boy For The Happy Couple!

Pop star Janet Jackson celebrated the birth of her first child this past Tuesday. Jackson’s pregnancy was announced in May of 2016, but was kept under a fairly low profile during the pregnancy.

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Besides the fact that the pop star herself had to announce that she was being made to postpone the tour because of the “doctor’s orders”. I think the question being asked most often about this is simply, why so late? Sure, having a child at the ripe age of 50 years old is possible, and can absolutely be beneficial and fulfilling, but you’ve got to think about the child.

50 years is a considerably large age gap, which only makes it that much more difficult to relate to your child. Not only that, but you’re also making your child suffer the emptiness and pain of a midlife crisis in and around 20 years before they’re typically meant to. Very fortunately, the baby Eissa Al Mana was delivered without complications. Shame he won’t have an uncle Michael to look up to. The baby Eissa won’t have the pleasure of knowing the man who is known as the King of Pop.

It’s very intriguing when thinking about Al Mana’s future. Will he be expected to become a pop star likes so many of his predecessors? Or will he create his own legend to carry on the talent bred into his lineage? Either way, it’s very likely that the newcomer will be very successful in whatever he chooses to pursue, especially with all of the resources he will have at his disposal, including his inevitable inheritance that he WON’T have to share with any siblings. Lucky kid.

Being subjected born when he is, little Eisa will certainly be subjected to so much responsibility at such a young age. Perhaps that’s more beneficial for his development. Perhaps he’ll learn to cope with his circumstances much better with the wisdom he will have at his disposal from his parents. Either way, it will be very intriguing watching the young talent grow up into such a talented and prestigious family of world-class pop stars.