Princess Mako Will Lose Her Royal Status If She Decides To Marry The ‘Prince Of Sea’

Princess Mako, granddaughter of Japan’s emperor Akihito is set to marry a commoner. By doing so Princess Mako will give up her royal status as dictated by Japanese tradition.

Emperor Akihito has four grandchildren, three female – Mako, her younger sister, Kako, and Crown Prince Naruhito’s daughter, Aiko. The princess met 25-year-old Kei Komuro about five years ago at a restaurant in Tokyo’s Shibuya, they were at a party to discuss studying abroad. Both were studying at the International Christian University at the time, where they both graduated.

According to sources Kei Komuro once served as a “Prince of the Sea” promoting tourism to the beaches of Shonan in Kanagawa prefecture near Tokyo, it is also claimed Komuro can ski, play the violin and cook. Little is known about the princess as, unlike Royalty in the United Kingdom and other countries, Emperor Akihito and his family tend to keep away from the public eye, they do however travel abroad and attend various cultural events.

What is known about princess Mako is that she attended the International Christian University becoming the first member of the Japanese Imperial family to attend University, and attended the University of Edinburgh as part of her Arts and cultural property studies. According to the public broadcaster NHK princess Mako has already introduced Kei Komuro to her parents and they have approved the union.

The marriage may take some time to plan as the process and rituals leading up to a wedding, particularly a royal wedding can take some time. An announcement will be made by the family of the engagement of princess Mako and Kei Komuro, thereafter a date will be chosen and then the couple will make a formal report to the emperor and empress.

At this time The Imperial Household Agency has declined to confirm the reports about the granddaughter of Japan’s emperor Akihito. Kei Komuro appeared before the media cameras on Wednesday outside the Tokyo law offices where he works telling the reporters “Now is not the time for me to comment, but I want to speak at the right time,”. Komuro did say he had a brief telephone conversation with princess Mako on Tuesday.