See How Hoda Kotb Decided To Celebrate Daughter Haley Joy’s First Kentucky Derby

As friends and families across America gathered to watch “Always Dreaming” take the honors at the 2017 Kentucky Derby, Hoda Kotb enjoyed the excitement with her baby girl Haley Joy in front of the TV at home.

Hoda, co-host of The Today was joined by her love of many years, Joel Schiffman, and his sister. Hoda recently adopted young Haley and the family enjoyed the Saturday afternoon entertainment in comfort and style. Hoda a shared a few pictures to Instagram of the festivities and the captions read: “Haley’s first Derby!” and “And my homemade hat courtesy of Joel’s sister Beth.”

The first picture was mom and daughter snuggled up watching and the hat she referred to in the other pictures was a cute, hot pink hat that was handmade by Beth. Mom and Dad also posed together in front of the TV with Bridges doing the formalities of announcing “Rider’s up!” before the main event. The TV star is loving her new roles as a mother and has managed well, having been back on the show for almost three weeks now after a short maternity leave.


She recently spoke to reporters at the 2017 Matrix Awards. She candidly spoke about the highs and a few of the lows of her motherhood experiences so far. “[I’m] happy as a clam! Exhausted and overjoyed,” she told reporters with a huge grin. “I mean, check with me in a couple weeks and see how I’m doing, but I’m feeling good.” On returning to work, she said, through tears of joy, “I’m feeling great. I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy.” After dabbing her eyes and a few deep breaths she added, “I’m going to get professional! OK, I’m ready.”

She went on, “I’m blessed to be able to have this great family and a little girl at home waiting for me.” She is happy to take advice from colleagues and thanked experienced mother Savannah Guthrie for her guidance, explaining, “She gave me some swaddling advice, and she’s trying to help me make sure I balance my day out better than I do. She’s great. She’s got great advice, and she’s a wonderful person.”