Selena Gomez And The Weeknd Shower PDA On Each Other At Coachella

Even though superstar The Weekend was set to go on stage and perform in front of thousands at the beloved Coachella Music festival… he had only one thing on his mind, girlfriend Selena Gomez.


In a series of videos and pictures, it’s very clear that the two are falling and falling hard. They were seen at the festival barely able to keep their hands off each other, the VIP section was a PDA zone. The two were constantly spotted making out, as well as with their arms around each other whilst they attempted to pay attention to the main stage.

The Kill ‘Em With Kindness hitmaker was sporting an adorable little blue flower-patterned summer dress as well as a scarf to match. Her man was rocking a silky blue check long sleeve button-down shirt. Gomez was also wearing The Weekend’s arms tightly around her waist. The two looked undeniably happy together, constantly smiling and giggling in between the many kisses.

Gomez barely lets him breathe constantly locking lips with Starboy, not that he seemed to mind all that much, soaking up all the attention. Not too long before he was on an Instagram shot that was shared by Gomez which garnered an impressive 1.3 million likes in under an hour.

The picture was of the Weekend gripping her from behind tightly and her smiling while taking the selfie during their embrace. It was very last minute that everyone found out the Weekend would actually be more than just an attendee but would also be performing. He was added to the already all-star Saturday night line-up which includes headliner Lady Gaga who was filling in for Beyonce who vows to perform next year after dropping out this year due to her pregnancy.

Bon Iver, Future, DJ Snake, Martin Garrix, Two Door Cinema Club and many other’s are included in the Saturday Line-up. The weekend has so many songs to choose from for his set-list and no matter what he will get the crowd going with his energetic style and electric voice.