Shannen Doherty Is One Tough Woman! Watch Her Dance Away Radiation Tiredness!

Cancer that affects any part of the body is always a very somber medical condition. Too many people all over the world die of several forms of cancer each year.

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Hope is so sparing and difficult to come by, that there’s a sever need for someone to give hope to cancer patients. Right now, that model is Shannen Doherty. The 45 year old actress was diagnosed with breast cancer in February of 2015, and said that this past summer, that cancer had spread. This Wednesday, Doherty posted a video onto Instagram of her performing an aerobic exercise routine, with the caption, “Radiation is tiring. It builds up within you and sometimes one just struggles to keep their eyes open.

“You can see how tired I am here but I’m still moving!! Any movement is so good during treatment, not just for the body, but for the mind as well. #cancerslayer”. Shortly after the video was released, Doherty sent out a tweet saying that she would be doing her radiation treatments twice as much so that she could be finished with it all sooner. The actress has remained remarkably positive throughout this time of struggle.

She said, “Cancer has, in a strange way, done some amazing things for me.” Doherty says her diagnosis has brought her much closer to her husband Kurt Iswarienko, and that their marriage is flourishing more than it ever has before. Doherty also spoke about how more than just the patients themselves are being affected by the lethal diagnosis: “Because it’s not just the people that have cancer. It’s the families too that go through it that it’s very hard on.”

This new perspective spreads a wider veil of compassion for those that are going through every stage of cancer. It’s well known that with every case of cancer is a chance of death, and that’s a very difficult concept to cope with mentally. And so many people have died so young from cancer: Bob Marley, Andy Kaufman, Babe Ruth, Graham Chapman, and many others. If Doherty were to die at such a young age from this disease, she would live on as a legend in the hearts of future cancer patients that will be fighting for their lives.