Someone Just Turned The Hollywood Sign To Read Hollyweed!

Los Angeles awoke on New Year’s Day to see their world-famous Hollywood sign had an overnight facelift, leaving it to read “Hollyweed.”


Some people say stoners are lazy but it took a lot of planning and effort for an unknown prankster to scale the world-famous Hollywood sign and temporarily convert it to read “Hollyweed.” I am sure a few Los Angeles locals woke up wondering how much they had celebrated; rubbing their eyes before realizing it was the work of a witty prankster.

No doubt the statement being made was connected to the recent legalization of recreational marijuana which came into effect on Sunday after local voters said yes to the Adult Use of Marijuana Act or Proposition 64, voted for in November, along with the presidential election. Taxable legal sales of marijuana will begin in 2018. The prank must have taken a fair amount of planning.

Security cameras captured a lone intrepid individual scaling the fence that surrounds the 45-foot sign on Mount Lee, above Griffith Park. No damage was done to the iconic symbol as massive tarpaulins were used to cover parts of the two “O” letters to make them look like two lower-case “e” letters. LAPD are not taking the incident lying down and are investigating it as a trespassing incident although they did refer to it as minor.

The famous sign has been in place since 1923 but originally read “Hollywoodland” as an advertisement for a housing development in the hills overlooking Los Angeles. The prankster, while raising a few eyebrows and more than a few chuckles, gets no points for originality. The exact same prank was first carried out back 1976, also on New Year’s Day. Back then it was also in celebration of relaxation of California State laws regarding marijuana.

In this instance we got to know the perpetrator and it was one Danny Finegood, an art student at Cal State Northridge. The prank earned him an A for a class project. Not content to leave it there, he continued with to make further social statements through his pranks, later changing the sign to read “Holywood” and “Ollywood.” He was never charged for these pranks but the authorities did tighten security. Clearly not well enough to stop the new mystery prankster.