Stephen Hawking Says That In Order To Survive Humans Must Vacate Earth Within 100 Years

In a dramatic announcement by world famous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, our days on this planet we call home are numbered and he advises that humans will have to leave this planet within 100 years if we do not want to perish.


That is quite a dire warning from this highly intelligent man, not the rumblings of some tinfoil wearing scaremonger or conspiracy theorist. His theory is that our planet and population are at risk on multiple fronts, from climate-change, over-population and asteroid strikes. Between those three he maintains we will not make it to the 22nd century.

So important is this revelation to him that he intends to spread the word of this impending disaster through a new documentary in an effort to help future generations. He is not alone in his intention of establishing life on other planets and there are numerous projects currently underway with that in mind.

Professor Hawking takes us around the world in his new BBC’s Expedition New Earth series to try and get his point across and help us understand how it can be possible to leave earth behind and move into space. This is a great departure from his announcement only a few months ago when in November of last year, he put the life expectancy on man on earth at closer to 1000 years.

Professor Hawking said: “Most recent advances in cosmology have been achieved from space where there are uninterrupted views of our Universe but we must also continue to go into space for the future of humanity. “I don’t think we will survive another 1,000 years without escaping our fragile planet. “I therefore want to encourage public interest in space, and I have been getting my training in early.”

He then added: “It has been a glorious time to be alive and doing research in theoretical physics,” and “Our picture of the universe has changed a great deal in the last 50 years and I am happy if I have made a small contribution. “The fact that we humans who are ourselves mere collections of fundamental particles of nature have been able to come so close to understanding the laws that are governing us and our universe is a great achievement,” the professor continued.

In the afterword to the book How to Make a Spaceship, Hawking said: “I believe that life on Earth is at an ever-increasing risk of being wiped out by a disaster, such as a sudden nuclear war, a genetically engineered virus, or other dangers,’ he said. And finally, a rather dramatic statement: “I think the human race has no future if it doesn’t go to space.”