Teen Starts Performing For His Nan On Britain’s Got Talent And Leaves Everyone In Tears.

Britain’s Got Talent is always great to watch. Sometimes you find incredibly beautiful artists, sometimes hilarious comedians, flawless dancers, and sometimes one of these performances can bring you to tears.


Well the entire BGT audience were left in tears. Harry Gardner, a 16-year-old student from Essex performed an original song on the show. His song, ‘Not Alone’ was a song that was close to his heart. The song was based on his grandmother, Maureen, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. No one expected Harry Gardner to bring them to tears.

Harry posted to Facebook to express his love for his grandmother who unfortunately passed away before his audition would be aired. “So sad to say, my nan, one of the most influential people in my life, has passed away,” he wrote. “Thank you to everyone who has supported my song ‘Not Alone’ which was written about her and is continuing to help raise funds and awareness for Alzheimer’s Research UK. Goodnight nan x”

Harry is no stranger to writing songs that evoke emotion. He wrote a song to raise money for other charities as well as his own. So far he has surpassed £8,000. Harry’s been a musician since the young age of eight and has developed into a mature artist. He was awarded the ‘Point of Light’ award by David Cameron the former Prime Minister. He was given the award because of his impact on the community.

Former Prime Minister Cameron spoke of Harry’s song ‘Not Alone’ saying how wonderful it is, the message and the tribute to his grandmother. He went on to say the song enlightens people on the topic of Alzheimer’s. “The money Harry has raised through this single will also help the important work of Alzheimer’s Research UK in fighting this devastating disease. I am delighted to recognise Harry as the UK’s 510th Point of Light.”

When speaking to the Daily Mirror he said; “It’s really sad my nan won’t be able to see me perform on the TV. Her death was so unexpected. It’s just really difficult for the family. I’m sad that she couldn’t understand that I was going on telly, but I’m sure, I hope, she would be proud.” Gardner does intend to play his Nan’s song at the funeral which will be held month end.

“To be honest that’s going to be the most difficult performance for me because that’s when the song is going to mean so much,” he said. “I’m more nervous about that.”