Teen With Cancer Has A Special Wish So He Asks A Comedian To Come To His Funeral

Russell Howard recently decided to give back to his community by visiting a 14-year-old cancer patient after being sent an email by his parents.


Deryn loves Russell Howards and actually wrote a list of his favourite bits Howard is known for, on of which was the ‘Mr Dildo’ sketch. The ‘Mr Dildo’ sketch involves dressing up as a six-foot high penis and chasing people. On Howard’s fifth visit to Deryn, he was asked something that took him a little by surprise, he was asked to attend the funeral. Deryn told the comedian that it was a fancy dress event, however, he has already organised costumes for different people attending the event.

During one of his performances Howard went on to explain the situation; “His mum sent a letter,” Howard explains on stage. “I went to see him. He was really funny. I couldn’t believe how funny he was – I was in awe. He scrolled through some of my jokes on his iPad, and one of his favourites was a sketch called ‘Mr Dildo’. It’s just me dressed as a giant c*** chasing old women around. It’s not high art – but it is funny. He said, ‘will you come to my funeral?'”

He wanted his dad to be dressed as the grim reaper, who would point at anyone who even so much as coughed. “I didn’t know what to say. And he [Deryn ] looked at me, and said: ‘Don’t be a d***. It’s going to be amazing. It’s going to be fancy dress’.” Howard showing his support asked what he should wear, well Deryn didn’t need long to come up with the answer. The twist to the story is that after being given three days after Christmas to live, he was told he was now in remission.

Howard was so happy that he invited Deryn to his show and invited him onstage. Deryn made a huge mistake asking what he should wear. Howard’s act of kindness isn’t a foreign thing, he also showed support to a 14-year-old fan in Ewing’s Sarcoma in Northern Ireland. She received a replica Sons of Anarchy leather jacket as well as a whole bunch of other merchandise. If that wasn’t enough she also got to ride a wide variety of motorbikes.