The Boss Baby Has Whizzed Past Smurfs 3 At Box Office

This week at the movies the latest Smurf movie debuts at number three, while Beauty and the Beast is at number two and Boss Baby claims the top spot.


Sony’s family friendly animated adventure film, based on the Peyo’s popular comic strips, is the third Smurf film this decade. Whilst the first two films performed fairly well at the box office, this entirely animated adventure is far behind the top performers one of which has been on the circuit for three weeks. The films made $14 million so far against its budget of $60 million.

It features the voices of songstress Demi Lovato, as well as Joe Manganiello and whilst the fate of this film’s earnings isn’t dead in the water just yet, it’s not looking good either. “There are other revenue streams for films like this,” this is, of course, motioning towards international profits as well as home video potential to recoup the cost of production.

Boss Baby, on the other hand, has claimed the top spot taking it away from the Disney’s well-performing Beauty and the Beast. Now in its second week, Boss Baby’s raked in an additional $26,3 million bringing it to a new total of $89,4 million. The buzz surrounding the film can likely be credited to that of its star power in Alec Baldwin who’s currently been recurring on Saturday night live as the US president, Donald Trump.

Beauty and the Beast earned $25 million, in just four weeks this retelling of the classic fairytale’s made a whopping $432,3 domestically, a big win for Disney. Although family films dominated the box office this past weekend there were other options as well. Going in Style a new buddy comedy starring Morgan Freeman, Alan Arkin and Michael Caine was in fourth with $12,5 million.

The new Scarlett Johansson action packed sci-fi thriller based on popular mangas, Ghost in a Shell opened at number five with $7,4 million. The box office will experience a strong April/May and further on with global releases of hot properties such as the new Fast and Furious movie, The Fate of the Furious which opens next week.

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the box-office smasher from Marvel opens a few weeks from now as well. “There are a lot of box-office heavyweights looming on the horizon,” Dergarabedian said.