Their Tiny Daughter Starts Acting Strange. So Mom Sets Up A Camera To Record The Nanny

Shortly after hiring a new nanny to care for their 1-year-old daughter, a couple start to notice a change in their child’s behaviour.


Whitney Matney was studying law at the time and put out an advert for a nanny to assist with caring for young daughter, Raylee. A former classmate from high school was one of the people that applied for the job. Whitney interviewed the woman and checked her references and offered her the position.

Initially the 28 year old mother from Springdale, Arkansas thought she had found the perfect help as her daughter seemed to take to the new nanny who would talk and play with the baby. Little did she know at the time but the person she hired to care for her infant daughter, thinking she could be trusted, was a monster, a so called “nightmare nanny”.

Fortunately, they found out before it was too late. Whitney, as well as husband Chris soon noticed a change in Raylee’s behaviour, even from the very first day. This was particularly noticeable when the nanny arrived at which point the child would run to her parents and conceal herself behind them. The baby would also scream when the nanny was around.

Initially, the first time mom put it down to the daughter being tired or sick but she could not shake the feeling that there was more to it. Acting on her suspicions, Whitney went and bought a nanny cam which she placed in the living room. The very first evening after getting the camera, Whitney returned to discover the camera facing the wall. What she was about to witness was shocking.

The footage the mother had to watch showed the nanny repeatedly spanking the baby and then shaking her violently. The nanny then notices the camera, stares into it and then turns it to face the wall. Speaking to reporters, Whitney said “You see these horror stories on TV and it’s a surreal feeling when it happens to you.” The couple called the police immediately and the nanny was arrested the same night.

Whitney is now actively working towards stabling a public register for child abuse.