This Man Has Got To Be Britain’s Most Unbelievable Shop Lifter Ever!

Shoplifting is normally a subtle, careful crime. The perpetrators go to great lengths to conceal their actions, hide their loot and get away undetected.


Some are better than others but that is the general modus operandi used by the average shoplifter. Others are not quite so subtle and go for a slightly more direct approach. A, should we call him “attempted” shoplifter took a slightly different approach. The man from Glossop in Derbyshire walked into a Co-op on March 27 he was not planning to slip a small item or two into his deep pockets.

The would-be thief has since been labelled ‘Britain’s most brazen thief’. On entering the Co-op he strutted up to a TV he was interested in. He proceeded to simply pick up the rather large £300 ($382) Digihome TV that they had on display. A Derbyshire Police spokesman said: “Sometime between 1pm and 1.30pm a man entered the Co-op on Norfolk Street, Glossop and took a Digihome TV from display.


“He then left the store without paying. Staff from the Co-op followed him out of the shop to the train station where the TV was left and the offender ran off. Our officers have now released CCTV stills of a man they would like to speak to in connection with the incident.” The story spread like wildfire on social media and those that followed the story were outraged at the cheek and sheer audacity of the hapless TV taker.

The made their feelings rather clear on social media. Twitter user Liam Gold wrote: “How did he think he could get away with that . Look at the size of it, there’s no place he could have even hidden it.” Another user, Beth Wilkins posted: “This has to be Britain’s most unsubtle thief. Priceless.” Miles Jackson had his say as well: “He’s only looks like a short fella, he can hardly carry it. Its as big as him. Hilarious. Only a matter of time before he is caught. surely.”

The real irony of the whole story is despite his blatant and obvious actions, the man in question has not been caught and is probably sitting comfortably watching his brand new, large screen TV while the authorities try and track him down.