Tiger Woods Reveals The Drug He Used The Night He Was Arrested

Details are emerging about Tiger Woods recent arrest. Woods was apparently found asleep at the wheel of his Mercedes Benz on the side of the road in the early hours of May 29th this year.

According to information, Woods had passed two breathalyzer tests but failed other tests including the ‘follow a slow moving object’, the ‘walk-and-turn’ test and the ‘one-leg stand’ test. The report stated that Woods speech was slurred and his appearance seemed droopy. According to a police report on the arrest, an attending officer asked Woods if he had taken any medication, to which Woods is reported to have replied “Xanax”.

Woods denied he had taken any illegal drugs or was suffering from any head injuries. Tiger Woods would later tell police officers that he was on four prescriptions, including Vicodin, although he had not taken those medications in the last year. In a previous statement, Woods said that he had had an ‘unexpected reaction to prescribed medications’.

The Food and Drug Administration describes Xanax as a drug which is used to treat anxiety and depression, and if mixed with opioids such as Vicodin, it can result in sedation, respiratory issues, coma or even death. Former Golfs number one, Tiger Woods has had a series of back, knee and elbow injuries culminating with surgery on his back and as a result, he has struggled to return to form leading to his drop in the ranks of professional Golf.

Further complications arose when, in 2009, Woods was at the center of a scandal which resulted in a divorce from his then-wife Elin Nordegren. Fellow Golfer Jack Nicklaus, along with other golf stars, have since come out in support of Woods, saying that they will help Tiger in any way they can.

The results from the Toxicology results have not yet been released and Tiger Woods court date is set for July 8 this year at the Palm Beach Gardens North County Court House. Tiger Woods, incredible golfing career saw him for 12 out of 15 years of this century, being the highest earning sportsman according to Forbes Magazine.