Tom Hardy Recently Caused A Twitter Meltdown And You Need To See This!

It is always refreshing to see the more gentle or human side of famous actors, especially when they tend to play evil, villainous characters.


Tom Hardy is one such actor who we have seen as the wicked Kray twins in Legend, Bane in The Dark Knight Rises as well as John Fitzgerald in The Revenant. We got a glimpse of a softer, more gentle Tom Hardy who proved to be a brilliant bedtime story teller. Children, as well as adults, were enthralled by his storytelling skills when he appeared on the final CBeebies Bedtime Stories of 2016.

There the much loved British actor read You Must Bring a Hat, by Simon Philip and Kate Hindley, accompanied by his dog, Woody. The show was aired at 6.50pm on the kid’s channel. Many adult fans took to twitter to express their delight. “Not gonna lie,” Tweeted one, “I’m nearly 30 and yet have just sat (with my parents) through and thoroughly enjoyed the CBeebies bedtime story with Tom Hardy.”

Another wrote: “On behalf of all mums out there… can I thank CBeebies for the Tom Hardy story reading tonight.” As the messages of delight poured in, others posted similar tweets: Tom Hardy #cbeebies bedtime story was prob the highlight of NYE 2016. I don’t have children but I’ve just watched Tom Hardy read me a bedtime story on CBeebies. I literally paid my TV licence for cbeebies tonight thank you bbc for Tom Hardy. My girls are spending NYE with their dad so on my own but I’ve still watched CBeebies BedTime story though, because..”

“Tom Hardy #joinin. Not even the New Year fireworks can top that, my night is complete! Thanks Tom Hardy for the bedtime hour #cbeebies #metime. Hardy has had a rather quiet year with the only times we have seen him being Peaky Blinders and The Revenant. There is lot more of him for fans to enjoy this year with the lead role in show Taboo. This was a joint effort that Hardy co-created with his father, Steven Knight. We will also get to see Hardy in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk.