Tyra Banks Removes Age Limit For America’s Next Top Model

America’s Next Top Model is going through another big change. The reality show’s been running since 2003 and ended in 2015 only to be revived by VH1 a year later.

For the first 22 seasons, the show was hosted by Tyra Banks who also created and produces the show. Her company The Tyra Banks Company also co-produces the show since 2012. So this time around the change they’ll be making is removing the age limit of the contestants! For years the age limit has been 18 to 27.

Banks who returns as host next seasons went on Camera turning to Instagram to talk about the shows future and the changes they’re incorporating saying; “There have been 23 cycles of ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ and every single cycle we say you have to be 27 years old or younger. You know what I hear all the time? ‘Tyra, come on. Why have an age limit?’ So you know what? I’m taking that age limit off. You want to audition for ‘America’s Next Top Model’? I don’t care how old you are, honey,” she said.

“You just need to know how to smize and be open to learning how to work the runway like a supermodel.” After 23 cycles the newly appointed judge made the decision final when posting the video regarding the new cycles. The 23rd cycle saw Banks step down as host with Rita Ora taking her spot but Banks appears to be more than happy to take back the reigns.

The reality show was launched in 2003, originally on the UPN until 2006 when it moved to The CW. The show found new life on VH1. It’s been announced that she will take on hosting both ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and NBCs ‘America’s Got Talent.’ Banks said this about the upcoming season “I’m overwhelmed and humbled by the intensity of the ‘ANTM’ fan base whose deep affection for the show led me to have a change of heart. After giving it a lot of thought, I realised that remaining behind the camera wasn’t enough because ‘ANTM’ is woven into my DNA.”