What This Man Donated To A Non Profit Organization Is Going To Drop Your Jaw

One Stop was a successful business, with sales in the region of $2.5 million dollars in 2016. Jerry Greeff has put in long hours to ensure the success of his business, but due to personal issues,the time had come for him to retire.


Jerry had tried to sell the One Stop Auto Shop, but a suitable buyer could not be found. Jerry Greeff had donated a few vehicles to the local non-profit organization specializing in mechanics, that’s when Jerry had an idea. This would ensure the business did not close and all the staff would not lose their jobs.

Jerry would donate the business to Vehicles for Change, a non-profit organization that teaches ex-offenders auto repair. The vehicles are donated and after repairs, the vehicles are sold to low-income families at affordable prices. This benefit is also passed on to the ex-offender, whom after receiving their auto mechanic certificate, are found employment, sold one of the cars at a low cost, thus ensuring they have transport to their place of work.


Vehicles for Change President, Marty Schwartz, says that Jerry Greeff’s donating of the One Stop Auto Shop was unbelievable. “I mean it’s amazing,” Schwartz says. “It’s a miracle.” Marty Schwartz says “These are guys who have been to prison. They don’t want to go back to prison. They don’t want to go back to the life that they were in. They just need an opportunity.”

Keeping ex-offenders out of prison after release is difficult, with some 40 percent between 2009 and 2012, being back in prison or under supervision. Nick Kuespert, an ex-offender, is benefiting from Vehicles for Change. Nick whose training is coming to an end said “I been working on cars all my life, I’m just an old redneck. I love cars and that’s why I’m here.”

He went on to say “Since I been out, I been doing a lot better. I feel like I’m worth something because I show up and I help people. I fix cars for people that need cars, and I like that.” When the One Stop Auto Shop changes hands, Jerry Greeff will be on call to help them succeed.